Several vintage style home decor items available now.
Old binoculars ( decor only ) : $4
Cheese Cloche: $8
5 Vintage Spools: $10 SOLD
Old Shoe Stretchers $1
Collection of Mandarin Oranges: $2
Get Kisses Sign: $1
Vintage Camera $12
Vintage Mini Suitcase $10
Medium Sized Vintage Suitcase(with shelves inside, perfect for paperwork) $14
Cupcake Holder in Blue $4
Blue Umbrella Stand: $12
Teal-ish plant or phone stand: $18 SOLD
With handy little drawer for keys and such.
Red Wooden Highchair
Red wooden highchair from yesteryear. 
Painted red and minimal distressing.
I've used this chair in many decorating scenario's
Also seen in my kitchen with a plant on it.
Very cool in a child's room with a stuffed animal or doll. 
Can even be used to scoot a small child up to eat at the table with the big people....!!!  {imagine that}
Red Highchair - lightly distressed
Metal Birdcage.
Once housed actual birds.  Just for decor now.
A round place-mat fits under it perfectly (red place-mat included)
$18 SOLD
This fish tank has served our family well.  Super fun focal point and fish are such peaceful and interesting pets.....
  • 30 gallon tank
  • wooden stand painted white and lightly distressed
  • filter etc included

Super cute brand new round Cake Taker by Tupperware.
LOVE that vintage mint color!

Retails for $35
$20 or make me a great offer
or trade

Great Tupperware quality and lifetime warranty
Picture1920's Bread and Cake Cabinet
1920'sTin Pie Safe or Bread and Cake Cabinet.

In amazing condition.  I challenge you to find a nicer one on Etsy or eBay.

Large size: 
28 tall
17 wide
13.5 deep


Also for sale: vintage white weight scale.  Super cute decoration to put plants or books on,


I bought this cabinet with the intention of keeping it for the rest of my life.  Unfortunately, I can't figure out where to put it anymore.
So my loss is your gain:
Solid oak.
Dovetail drawers. 
Some damage on the top, but that is easy to cover up with books, decorations, etc.

38.5 inches tall
34 inches wide
16 inches deep
Super cute little dresser to be used as a nightstand, sidetable, or nightstand.
Handy dandy drawers to store stuff.
 The drawers are lined with vintage flashcards (adhered).
Super cute and super functional.
I love this little thing but am running out of space in my home...  :(
I really would like to keep it but I need to make space for other goodies...  :)
For sale:  super cute old old school chair with little side-desk. 
Adorable as a nightstand, plant stand, as a chair or as a little homework desk....  Use your imagination.
I don't know how old this chair is, but I know it's been a while since they made solid oak school chairs like this. Very sturdy, very well-built. IT needed some cosmetic work, so I took care of that. I really like the color: kind of a teal / aqua / turquoise.

BUT, we are running out of room in my house with my collecting habit. so I am getting rid of it. Sad to see it go.
Hope you love it as much as I do.... :)
Bassinet/Dresser Combination, perfect for the arrival of the little one. 
Six drawers in the front, three on the right, plus the "lid" removes for a hidden compartment.
No mattress.  Could make one yourself using foam and fabric.
Bed-portion could also be used for displaying pillows or stuffed animals
Solid wood.
VERY heavy and well-built.